Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Transfer journal in AX 2012 R3

Hello Friends, here is yet another learning from my side and this time I am going to shed some light on Transfer journal functionality of AX.

Transfer journal serves various purposes in AX

1. It is used for short distance transfer where there is no shipment involve.

2. It is used to transfer the inventory between one storage dimension(Site/Warehouse/Location) to other storage dimension(Site/Warehouse/Location)

3. It is used to change the tracking dimensions of the item i.e. Batch/serial number (Eg: to rectify the batch/serial number wrongly updated in the system)

4. It is also used to change the item's product dimensions. (Eg: if the item is registered with color 'Red' and you want to change it to color 'Blue')
Steps to create and Post transfer journal:
1.Go to inventory management --> Journals --> Item transactions --> Transfer
2. Add journal name --> Click on Lines

3. Add Item number
4. Add From and To Product dimensions if you want to change the dimensions ( Configuration, Size, Color, Style) for the item.
5. Add From and To Storage dimensions (Site/warehouse/Location) if the transfer is happening between Sites/Warehouses/Locations 
6.Add From and To Tracking dimensions (Batch/Serial number) if you want to change the Batch/Serial number for the item.

7. Here in this journal, we are transferring the item D0003 between Site1/Warehouse 12 to Site2/Warehouse 21 so,

 a. Item Number: D0003
 b. From Site:1 / From Warehouse: 12, 
 c. To Site: 2 / To Warehouse: 21
 d. Quantity: -10.
 d. Other dimensions (From and To configuration, Size, color etc) will be as it is.

Note: Before the transfer, the On-hand inventory for the item D0003 at the Site1/Warehouse 12 was 10.

7. Now Validate and Post the Journal.

8. Check the On-hand inventory, you can see 10 quantity is transferred from Site1/Warehouse 12 to Site2/Warehouse 21

9. Check the Inventory transactions (Transaction status is 'Sold' for Site1/Warehouse 12 and 'Purchased' for Site2/Warehouse 21)

10. Ledger postings happen between the following accounts:
      Inventory issue
      Inventory Receipt
      Inter-unit payable
      Inter-unit receivable
Note: There might be different set of accounts depending on the transaction in the transfer journal.

In this way, you can utilize transfer journal to carry out various business operations.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Bills of materials Journal in AX 2012 R3

Hello Friends, Hope you all are well. Its been long time since I haven't share my learning due to my other priority tasks.

Today I am going to share a very simple yet important topic of AX i.e. "Bill of material journal". This journal is used during production to add finished goods in the inventory, once it is ready and to reduce the components (as components are consumed while producing finished goods) from the inventory. In other word, BOM journal is used for inventory receipt of the BOM (Finished) item and Inventory issue of its components (Which represents BOM).

It is used when you have basic production process in place and you don't want to utilize AX Production control module to its extent.

It is also used in the Kitting process by some organization.

1. Create item with the production type "BOM".
2. Create Bill of material for the item ( In the Release item details -->Engineer Fast tab --> BOM section -->Lines --> Create BOM).
3. Approve and Activate BOM.

Steps to create and post BOM journal
1.Go to inventory management --> Journals --> Item transactions -->Bills of Materials

2. Click on New --> Select Journal name --> Click on Lines

3.Click on BOM --> Report as finished

5. Click on New

6. Add Item number, storage dimensions, Quantity.
7. Select the BOM number (in case of multiple BOM for the item)
8. Select the type of Explosion:
    a. Never: Bill of materials are not exploded if there is material shortage.
    b. Always: Bill of materials are fully exploded
    c. Shortage: Bill of materials are exploded only when required quantity of materials are not available. If Materials are partially available then explosion happens for remaining items which are not available.

9. Post now:If this is checked then as soon as Report as finished lines are transferred to BOM journal lines, the journal gets posted.

10.Click Ok to transfer Report as finished lines to BOM journal lines.

11. You can see BOM item along with the components get copied in the BOM journal

12. Also BOM item quantity gets increased and its components quantity get decrease as it is consumed during the production of BOM item.

13. As we have checked Post now checkbox in report as finished lines, journal got posted automatically after the transfer of these lines.

14. You can check the on hand quantity for BOM item and components to know the impact of the posting.

In this way, you can create and post BOM journal in AX.

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The information provided on this site represents my own opinion/view and does not represent the opinion/view of my employer or Microsoft.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Adding multiple lines in Sales order using "Add Products" feature in AX 2012

Hi All,
Today, I am going to explain easy but very important feature of AX, "Add Products" feature. This feature always play important role when dealing with large pool of orders having multiple lines in day to day business. 

Example: Let's assume Customer placed an order for 100 Products with its specific quantity. Now customer service team has to record this order in the system. Entering 100 products in the sales order is very time consuming task and when there are multiple orders waiting to enter in the system, it can lead to lots of frustration for the guy entering those orders. Keeping this in view, AX provides "Add Products" feature which facilitates the addition of multiple lines (Product and Product variant) quickly in the order.

Videographic representation of "Add Products" feature.


  • Create a sales order for the customer who has placed an order.
  • Now instead of clicking on Add line or Add lines, click on Add Products.
  • It will redirect you to Add Products form.
  • It has three sections, 
                1. Product categories, 
                2. The products pertaining to category selected in the first section.
                3. In the third section, selected products which will come in the sales order

  • Now select the products/Product variant --> click on Add 
  • After clicking on Add, it will take products in the Selected product section (Third section).
  • Now for all the products that we have selected, we need to enter the quantity and product dimensions( Configuration, size, color and style) 

Note: Default dimensions will flow automatically against the product

  • Now click ok to get the lines in the order
  • Now go to sales order, you can see items will appear in the order with specific dimensions and quantity.
In this way you can enter multiple line quickly in the order.

Kindly revert with any suggestions or questions pertaining to this topic

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The information provided on this site represents my own opinion/view and does not represent the opinion/view of my employer or Microsoft.